Got task (homework) from our lecturer, we had to choose what application to use. It is making an ER diagram (conceptual design) of a database case using notations based on the reference book (kind of big book written by Connoly). We were given options to use Visio, ER-Win, or any tool can be utilized.
I got to find out what application can be utilized for OSX since I cannot run Ms Visio inside. So I googled and got some options :

It seems like a powerful tool can be used for anything drawn, but seeing the price at least US$199 I think I may need it later 🙂

It may be a good option also with features priced as IDR949K for OmniGraffle & IDR1899K for OmniGraffle Pro

It is open source and free :D, also able to open Visio files (vsd/vdx). I downloaded it and used for opening vsd file shared by the team. But the interface is not so good.

It is online tool for drawing, and can be shared (it means we can invite other people to edit the document). I used it and it quite powerful & satisfying.
Lucid Chart is available for free trial and paid edition with price as below :

Lucid Chart price

Below is sample of our drawing done using LuchidChart. It is not so good (the drawing) but the tool is very helpful for us 🙂

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