Colaborating Accoustic Traditional and Natural Traditional Music

Actually I have thinked about this idea for so long time since I knew about the traditional music. I knew this traditional music from my Students Activity Unit (UKM) in my college. It’s “gamelan” or sometimes called “karawitan”, a really really natural traditional music from Java. Even though I have known about this traditional music since I was in Senior High School, but I know more and able to explore it after I join the Javanesse Students Activity Unit in STT Telkom. And one else, about accoustic traditional music in this UKM. That’s keroncong ….
I have idea to collaborate the music of karawitan and keroncong, although music that’s explores two traditional music is exist, that’s Campursari, but I want to make the music more attractive, because the music of Campursari still has it’s javanesse flavor. So I want to collaborate the two traditional music still in javanesse song but just more fun and attractive
The first thing I have to do is suit the tune of gamelan and the keroncong music device
For the gamelan, it’s more suitable to use the set of Pelog (in karawitan there are two sets, Slendro and Pelog)
The tune of the Pelog set is like this :
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
After doing a great affort to suit them, it can be converted like this :
1 –> D
2 –> D#
3 –> F
4 –> G#
5 –> A
6 –> Bb
7 –> C
So we can play the colaboration music from the natural tune Bb

After suit them, we look for the song that’s able to be played with them
The song must contained the tune : I – III – IV – V – VII so that can be played in Pelog set

Keroncong music set that’s can be played are :
– Contrabass
– Cello
– Ukulele cak
– Ukulele cuk
– Guitar
– Violin
– Flute (or can be substituted by keyboard)

Gamelan music set can be played all, but the more important are
– Demung (or sometimes called “balungan”)
– Peking
– Gong
– Kendang

Actually on colaboration music like campursari, the music device of keroncong and karawitan are substituted each other, just like the Gong is substituted by Contrabass and Kendang can be substituted by Cello ….

If usually the gamelan is played so slowly, in this colaboration it’s played rather spiritful and quickly according to the tempo of the song. Till now the songs that can be played with Pelog song are :
– Randha Kempling
– Gambang Suling
– Anoman Obong
– Jaranan
I and my friends have plans to play the songs in the next show of my UKM on next Desember this year
We have to master the songs before the day, so we practice and explore more and more almost everyday, fiuuhh so tired…..

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